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Friday, April 29, 2011

i will be silent by Prince

I Will Be Silent

I stand here watching

Listening to you talk

Noticing how you are oblivious

To your hand taking mine.

I look at your eyes

All filled with sorrow

And I am tempted

To take it away

But I made my own rule

To not mess with people

So I will stay silent

As I watch you cry.

I lay there thinking

Wishing you would talk

Wishing you would know

That you took my hand

I wish you would look me in the eyes

All filled with sorrow

And you attempted

To take it away

You said you wouldn't stay

You were tired of messing with people,

You said you didn't want to

Break my heart

To late

But I made my rule

Not to mess with other people

So I will be silent

As I watch you say goodbye


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